The firm can assist you with prevention of unfair competition practices by your own business, as well as enforcement of your rights against those unfairly competing against you.

What is Unfair Competition?
Unfair competition is a body of statutory and case law that provides protection from deceptive and improper conduct in the marketplace. Many concepts fall into the domain of unfair competition, including:

Passing Off (a party attempts to pass off its goods or services under the pretense that they are the goods of another, e.g., counterfeit merchandise);

Misappropriation (unauthorized taking of another's property and using it as your own, e.g., theft of trade secrets);

Right of Publicity (the right of individuals to control the commercial use of their identities and personas);

False Advertising (use of a false or misleading description or representation of fact or false designation of origin in commercial advertising or promotion; or the misrepresentation of the nature, qualities or geographic origin of your own or another's goods or services);

Product Disparagement (making intentional and untrue statements about another company or its goods or services that causes monetary harm to the company);

Dilution (the blurring or tarnishment of another's famous mark); and

Trade Dress (the total image and overall appearance of a good or service).