In designing the logo, colors were selected that reflect the creation lifecycle engaged in by our clients. You may remember from art or science classes in school that the colors yellow and blue combined make green. While researching the meanings of various colors, we learned that really is true. Yellow symbolizes inspiration—first, our clients are sparked by an idea. Blue symbolizes creation—next, our clients bring their ideas to life. Green symbolizes wealth generation—finally, our clients bring their creations to the marketplace and prosper from them.

The symbols incorporated into the logo represent the various areas of intellectual property law (patents, trademarks and copyrights) in which we practice and that legally protect the creations of our clients.

The symbols SM, TM and R in a circle are notices used with trademarks.

The symbol C in a circle is the notice used with original works protected by copyright.

(The graphic design of the symbols R in a circle and C in a circle were both inspired by vintage manual typewriter keys.)

Patent Pending is the notice used with inventions once a patent application has been filed.

IP is a shorthand acronym commonly used in the legal and creative industries to refer to intellectual property in general.

If you're a musician, then you'll recognize that the lines in the upper right hand corner of the logo are a music staff with a repeat sign.

Brenda is a musician, so she incorporated something into the logo that expressed her creativity. (She plays French horn and is currently principal French horn with the Pikes Peak Philharmonic.) Brenda likes the symbolism of the repeat sign: She hopes that both her clients and Brenda L. Speer, LLC, experience repeated successes in our endeavors!