As an artist, whether a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, fashion designer, musician, composer, photographer, film maker, writer, playwright, screen writer, poet, illustrator, architect, or other creative type, your original works of authorship are subject to copyright protection. Works of authorship include:

Literary Works

Musical Works (including any accompanying words)

Dramatic Works (including any accompanying music)

Pantomimes and Choreographic Works

Pictorial, Graphic, and Sculptural Works

Motion Pictures and Other Audiovisual Works

Sound Recordings

Architectural Works

Brenda L. Speer, LLC can provide you with the necessary tools to protect, commercially exploit, and profit from your talents, including:

Agency & Artist Representation Agreements

Copyright Registration & Protection (domestic and international)

Licensing Agreements

Manuscript Review & Vetting


Performance Rights

Pitch Agreements

Recording Contracts

Title (Book, Screen Play, Song) Searches & Clearance

Trademark Registration (domestic and international)

Please visit our Fees page for pricing information for some of our services in these areas of the law.